Temptress EP

by Changeling

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Cameron Davey - Guitar
Noah Swinney - Bass & Vocals
Ruby Swinney - Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Kenan Tatt - Drums


released March 3, 2015

Recorded at Milestone Studios
Recorded and produced by Warrick Sony
Artwork by Ruby Angelica
All songs written by Changeling



all rights reserved


Changeling Cape Town, South Africa

A noisy underground band from Cape Town, formed in 2012. influenced by psychedelic rock, shoegaze and krautrock genres.

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Track Name: Rebecca's Gown
Teal on the floor as you break all your laws
Make it feel good and deceive until it's true
Wanna be free so you crawl on your knees
Wanna keep me screaming, pleading "love i'm leaving"

Gown on the floor

Talons in my neck find the marks you left
Spinning in the chair the symbols in your hair
Now I hear a moan slither down your throne
Green eyes on the ground but the loom cycles 'round

Gown on the floor

You left me in the dark and groping for your dress
All I do is say it, I can't cut the threads
But I wanna
But i wanna
And I wanna
Track Name: Kiss Of Judas
She is the silver bird and I am the snake
She bringeth hope and I bringeth hate
Crucified by mine eye, she bleeds from the palm
Thirty silver coins with beauty and with charm

Now she's gone
Now she's gone

Drugged by Dionysus and drunk on lust
I drank from the nectar of the lost
Regret fills my body to the sound
Of her voice I am forever bound

Now she's gone
Now she's gone

I look through her eyes
Track Name: Temptress
You are the only one
Leaves fall beyond the shade of day
And I, I raise my hand
To your lips, my hope will never die
Love, when we lie together I
Close my eyes and can only think of you
Show me words of love and dreams
Smile that lingers longer than the prayer

Temptress, I wait for thee

Webs of spiders, masks of woe
Temptress, hide behind wide eyes
Spin me sufferance, circus fool
Spider spin your silent game of lies
Blind by pride, the tables turn
Tarot, fate, show the psalms say
What has gone will come again
And the lips that marked me will now mark you

Temptress, I wait for thee